Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 SFR Reading Challenge Sign-ups

Doomsday has passed and we've raised a glass of Romulan Ale for another day and another year!

2013 is here and we're reading to tackle some more SFR goodness with another challenge.

Those new to the challenge can check out 2010's post on the definition of SFR and for some titles to get you started: http://raelori.blogspot.com/p/2010-sfr-reading-challenge.html

Heather @ The Galaxy Express also has some new titles added that will be updated for 2013 so get those reading lists filled!

Here are the levels to hop in on:

--The Earth Reading Challenge – Read 5 SFR novels.

--The Moon Reading Challenge – Read 15 SFR novels.

--The Venus Reading Challenge – Read 25 SFR novels.

--The Jupiter Reading Challenge – Read 50 SFR novels.

Audio books, ebooks, graphic novels and all that good stuff counts.

The challenge will go from January 1st, 2013 - December 31st, 2013 where we'll do a wrap up and hopefully share some great reads. You can join in at the Goodreads group as well.

Sign up below and please post the blog address which you'll be reviewing/listing/mentioning the books! Reviewing is entirely up to you and posting a book list beforehand is also optional.

Don't forget to grab a button!